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ElderSource has much to offer seniors, persons with disabilities and caregivers seeking assistance. Our ultimate goal is to provide service, resources and support so elders can live and age with dignity and independence.

While we do provide some direct services to our clients, many of our services are coordinated through contracts with qualified agencies and professionals to ensure you get the help you need when you need it most.

Success! Responding to a Senior in Need

Ms. Linda Platts

“I was frantic. I never had my lights cut off before,” said Ms. Platts. Unfortunately Ms. Platts was facing a financial crisis and did not know where to turn.

Ms. Platts, age 68 and a resident of Jacksonville, shares a similar story to many seniors who live on a strict budget with a fixed income and often run into an unexpected financial crisis. Ms. Platts was accustomed to living independently, and truly thought the problem with her utility bill was something she could fix on her own.  She was hesitant to reach out to her sons for help because she had been taught to always be strong and to have a plan.

When she realized the problem was beyond her control, Ms. Platts finally reached out for help. A friend suggested she attend a JEA Senior Day, a community resource event coordinated by JEA, United Way and ElderSource. It is held on the third Wednesday of every month at JEA offices.  It was there she met Phyllis Kennebrew, a Customer Service Specialist with ElderSource. Ms. Kennebrew coordinates the requests for assistance that are funded by the Senior to Senior Fund.

The Senior to Senior Fund* is an endowment created by Delores Barr Weaver Fund coordinated through the Community Foundation of Northeast Florida designed to assist senior citizens in Duval, Nassau, Baker, Clay and St. Johns Counties facing short-term financial crises. The program is intended to resolve the present crisis, as well as the underlying causes ensuring the person does not become dependent on the assistance and can maintain living independently.

The type of assistance provided depends on the person’s individual crisis, but can include things like paying energy bills, replacing prosthetics, appliances or fixing minor home or car repairs.

“I felt very important talking to Phyllis,” said Ms. Platts. “She made me feel like I was the only person there and that she would really help me with my crisis.” Not only was ElderSource able to help Ms. Platts with her JEA bill, but she also received help with fixing a broken toilet and a leaking faucet. Ms. Platts is now back on track and even offered to volunteer for ElderSource to help other elders!

Ms. Platts expressed gratitude for the assistance and wished that more people knew about the resources provided by ElderSource. “I just want to say thank you,” she said.

*Note – clients are to required to complete an application for eligibility and funds for assistance can be limited during certain times of the year. The funds are limited and therefore the assistance we can provide is limited. Anyone interested in donating can call 904.391.6692, or questions about the program can call the ElderSource HelpLine at 904.391.6699.

ElderSource Empowers Florida Seniors in Baker, Clay, Duval, Flagler, Nassau, St. Johns and Volusia Counties.

The following programs are coordinated by ElderSource staff. If you need more detailed information on any or all of these programs and services call the ElderSource Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) HelpLine at 888.242.4464.

To find a number of resources in northeast Florida, you can search the Community Resource Database. Click link below.

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SHINE – Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Elders

Senior Help with SHINEServing the Health Insurance Needs of Elders (SHINE) is a federally funded program, coordinated locally by ElderSource. It provides free insurance counseling and information about Medicare, Medicaid other health insurance, long-term care planning and prescription assistance. SHINE uses a network of trained volunteer counselors. For additional SHINE information call:  904.391.6699.

SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Commonly known as the food stamp program, ElderSource will walk clients through the process of applying for SNAP, help them determine eligibility and how to receive food assistance. For more details about SNAP, call the ADRC HelpLine 888.242.4464.

LGBT – Care for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Seniors
The ElderSource mission is to connect caregivers and seniors to the resources they need as they age, without discrimination based on gender, religion, sexual orientation or race. Call today about our LGBT elder sensitivity training or information about LGBT senior-friendly resources. Call the ADRC HelpLine at 1.888.242.4464.

Care Transitions Coach
ElderSource currently has a partnership with UF Health offering patients and families a Care Transitions Coach. The purpose is to empower patients and hopefully not have them return to the hospital unnecessarily. This free program helps patients transition from hospital care to re-cooperating at home with the guidance of a Care Transitions Coach. If you have any questions, about how to participate in the Care Transitions Program, call the Elder Helpline at 1.888.242.4464.

ElderSource knows your rights about Medicaid and how to apply for assistance. Not sure of all the details about Medicaid, if you qualify and how to apply? Get answers today. Call the ADRC HelpLine at 1.888.242.4464.

Other Support Services – Call 1.888.242.4464.

The following services are not directly offered by ElderSource.  However, our Customer Service Specialists will be pleased to talk with you, assess your specific needs and connect you to the agencies that provide these services. Please note that funding for any of the services mentioned rely upon state or federal financial sources to support the service. Please call an ElderSource ADRC Customer Service Specialist to determine availability and eligibility for services and what provider agencies are available to help you in your community.

Senior Help for spouseIn Home Services
Services can be provided to elders in their homes to enable them to continue living at home for as long as possible. This includes personal care, homemaker, respite care, household chores, emergency alert response, or the assistance of a home health aide.

Senior Center and Community Services
Seniors congregate for a variety of activities at senior centers. Activities vary from center to center and can include on-site meals, exercise and a host of social and educational activities.

Caregiver Support Services and Respite Care
Caregiver support services help the caregiver with the needs of a frail elder. Services include respite care, counseling, caregiver education, and in-home services. This service helps the caregiver receive a break from his or her daily duties.

Medication Management
Medication management screening and education can be offered to identify and counsel individuals on medications being taken, including review of prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins and home remedies. This service also helps to identify any dietary factors which may interact with the medication regime.

Adult Day Care
Adult day care provides social, recreational and rehabilitation services to frail elders in a central location such as a senior center. Centers operate at least five days a week with various programs and activities designed to stimulate, educate and support elders in maintaining and/or improving their level of functioning.

Adult Day Health Care
Adult day health care is an organized program of therapeutic, social and health activities and services provided to functionally impaired adults for the purpose of restoring or maintaining optional capacity for self-care.

Case Management
A case manager can provide client-centered series of activities for an eligible client. This can include arrangement for, and coordination of appropriate community based services and follow-up to ensure receipt of services.

Chore Services
Clients may be eligible for assistance with heavy household and/or yard tasks such as seasonal cleaning, yard work, lifting and moving furniture and simple household repairs.

Congregate Meals
Hot, nutritionally balanced meals are provided in a group setting at community sites, e.g. senior center churches, synagogues, etc.

Emergency Alert/Response
This is an electronic monitoring system which can transmit a coded signal through electronic digital equipment to a central station when emergency assistance is needed by an elder.

Gerontological Counseling
Counseling by a licensed practitioner can provide emotional support, information and guidance.

Home-Delivered Meals
Often referred to Meals-On-Wheels, these are hot, nutritionally balanced meals delivered to individuals who are unable to prepare their own meals.

Home Energy Assistance
You can be connected to resources to assist with an energy crisis, such as help for paying an electric bill, support if you have receive shut off notice or need a fan, heater or blankets. Help may also be sought for weatherization.

Home Repair & Modification
Necessary repairs and changes made to the home can make it easier for the elder who remains in the home. Assistance may include ramps, installation of grab bars, repairs to floor or ceiling, door widening, etc.

Home Health Aide
A home health aide can provide health or medically oriented care in an elder’s home under the supervision of a health professional.

Homemaker Helper
This service provides housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation and laundry assistance.

Legal Assistance 
Seniors often need the guidance of a legal expert. This service provides legal advice and counseling for elders by lawyers and paralegal counselors in the home, community and/or in care-providing facilities.

Mental Health Screening
Clients may need a diagnostic and treatment planning service that is experiencing acute or chronic mental or emotional problems.

Personal Care
This service can provide assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, feeding and other activities of daily living.

Senior Help at the gymRecreation
Activities at a senior center, ranging from exercise to educational classes, are a very beneficial way for elders to stay connected to the community.

Nutrition Counseling
Counseling includes an evaluation of an individual’s nutritional history and dietary intake and development of a plan which ensures that the person’s nutritional needs are met. The evaluation includes a review of the individual’s food habits and preferences, an assessment of his or her feeding skills and eating problems and an analysis of variables such as the person’s height and weight and the fat content of his or her body. It also includes nutrition education, such as the purchase and preparation of nutritionally balanced meals and assistance in the development of special diets.

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