LGBT Elders Initiative and ElderSource

As part of its mission to ensure all sectors of the aging population have access to resources and support, ElderSource created an initiative to increase the awareness and support of the needs lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) elders as they age.

“The challenges of our aging population, in and of itself, could be daunting,” said Linda Levin, executive director of ElderSource. “Then toss in the added fear and unknown of how you might be treated because you are gay or lesbian, only increases the chance that these people will not get the care they need, or worse yet, isolate themselves completely from society.”

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender elders are even more isolated as they fear how they may be treated by other older adults or by providers of care. Many remain isolated or go into isolation as they age and therefore don’t access the services and benefits available to them.


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Through the ElderSource Institute, the educational and training arm of ElderSource, now offers the LGBT Elder Cultural Competency Training, a 90 minute training specifically designed with a focus on LGBT elders and helping service providers to understand their needs and how to be sensitive in the delivery of services.

ElderSource received a grant from The LGBT Community Fund at the Community Foundation to continue its work on behalf of LGBT seniors.

Fact: LGBT seniors often isolate themselves and do not seek assistance for fear of discrimination. Fear of discrimination makes LGBT seniors five times less likely than non-LGBT seniors to access services, depriving them of the support they need.

The ElderSource mission and focus is to connect caregivers and seniors to the resources they need as they age, without discrimination based on gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, sexual preference or gender identity. ElderSource created an initiative designed to increase the awareness of the needs of LGBT elders as they age.

The training is supported by a grant from the LGBT Community Fund at the Community Foundation.

ElderSource Institute was formed in 2015 as the educational and training arm of our parent company, ElderSource. We participate in collaborative partnerships to provide training, education, evidence-based programming, and resources for older adults, caregivers, people serving older adults, as well as people who care about their own aging. Leveraging our leadership and expertise, ElderSource Institute supports professionals in being better informed and more proactive in responding to the needs of people as they age.

Organization’s Mission Statement: ElderSource Institute provides access to the most trusted resources, expert knowledge and local networks on all matters of aging

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